Doritos Light Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheesier, Pre-Priced

All the taste. 1/3 Fewer calories of regular tortilla chips. 1 gram of Fat per serving. Are you looking for a lighter way to snack, but don't want to sacrifice taste? Try Light! Doritos Brand Light Nacho Cheesier Flavor Tortilla Chips deliver the bold flavor you expect from Doritos Brand but with 1 gram of fat and one-third fewer calories than regular tortilla chips! So when you're looking for great-tasting tortilla chips that help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, Doritos Brand Light Nacho Cheesier Tortilla Chips are a good choice. Product Comparison (Per 1 oz Serving): Doritos Brand Light Tortilla Chips - 1g Fat; 90 Cal; 100% Taste. Regular Tortilla Chips - 7g Fat; 140 Cal; 100% Taste. This package contains about 10 great-tasting servings! Calorie content has been reduced from 140 to 90 per serving.