Blue Bunny Load'd Cones Brownie Bomb

Blue Bunny Brownie Bomb Load'd Cone - Now with even more toppings and mix-ins; Chocolate frozen dairy dessert loaded with swirls of brownie and fudge, big brownie pieces all topped with fudge, big brownie pieces, fudge filled bunnies and a new whipped topping all inside a chocolaty cone. Blue Bunny Load'd Cones are now amped up with even more toppings and mix-ins. Bring that ice cream parlor sundae cone experience to your own freezer to enjoy at any time. This cone is loaded to the last bite, with 2X the mix ins as compared to our Blue Bunny Hot Fudge Cone. And like the parlor has so many ice cream cone flavors, we have several Load’d Cone flavors to choose from!