No Mans Land Beef Jerky, Black Pepper

Slow-dried old-fashioned jerky. Liquid smoke flavor added. 16 g protein per serving. Per Serving: 0 g trans fat; 1 g total sugar; 2 g total carbs. No artificial flavors. No added MSG (except that which occurs naturally in the soy sauce). There's a small portion of land located in the center of this great nation called no man's land - otherwise known as the panhandle of Oklahoma. Buffalo, coyotes, Native Americans, and outlaws all roamed this forsaken land. Drying meat for a food source became a necessity of life. In 1997, the Smith family perfected a great tasting old-fashioned jerky recipe that harkens back to this bygone era. Through our unique slow dehydration process, No Man's Land Beef Jerky maintains the true flavor of the beef. It is just like jerky should be. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Made in USA.