Clorox™ Splash-Less® Bleach1, Disinfecting Bleach Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses - 116 Ounce Bottle

The last thing you need when you’re cleaning up is more mess. Clorox™ Splash-Less® Bleach whitens, brightens, and provides 10X deep cleaning benefits in a no-splash formula. Clorox™ Splash-Less ®Bleach whitens dingy fabrics, deep cleans tough stains, and deodorizes an array of household surfaces. The Splash-Less formula delivers a more controlled pour resulting in a powerful clean but with less spilling and splashing. Use Clorox™ Splash-Less® Bleach with confidence to remove laundry stains like grass, juice, dirt and blood from white clothing and for cleaning countertops, floors, sinks, and trash cans. Clorox™ Splash-Less® Bleach can be used in standard and high efficiency washing machines and is great for everyday cleaning. Clorox™ Splash-Less® Bleach whitens, brightens and deodorizes without the worry of splashes and spills to keep your laundry and home smelling fresh.