Sol Thermal Bivvy

27 inches x 84 inches. Lightweight 8.9 oz. Survive outdoors longer. Lightweight! Reflects 80% of body heat. Windproof & waterproof. 2 ply durability. Survival protection for the unexpected night out. Also use as an unltralight warm-weather sleep system. Expect the unexpected. Life Saving Techniques: a heat-reflective bivvy can function by itself as a shelter from cold, wind and rain. However, you can still lose critical heat through conduction (the transfer of heat to colder surfaces around you). Thickly pad the area underneath your bivvy with as much dry debris as possible to add insulation between you and the cold ground. Find a safe spot for your shelter that is free from the risk of falling trees or rocks, running water if it rains, high winds, or other natural hazards. Foot vent. Thermo-regulated design enables you to close the bivvy to keep heat in or to open up the side and top to let heat and moisture escape. Advanced Medical Kits be safe. Made in China.